Spring / Summer Catalogue 2015

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Thomas & Friends

  • Thomas The Tank TrackMaster Sodor Spiral Track Set


    Your motorised TrackMaster engines will spiral towards adventure as they race up this steep incline and down the twisting corkscrew… or send them in the opposite direction! Includes track pieces, building risers and two track adaptors. Engines sold separately.
  • Thomas The Tank TrackMaster 2 in 1 Builder Set


    Build this train set two ways, then send motorised Thomas on two distinct journeys – around a flat track and through a tunnel or over a bridge and around an elevated track. With multiple ways to play, the 2-in-1 Builder Set is a great place to begin your Thomas & Friends adventures!
  • Thomas The Tank TrackMaster Breakaway Bridge Track Set


    Watch out Thomas, the bridge is damaged! Thomas needs to navigate a risky section of track to complete his journey across the crumbling bridge! After the No.1 blue engine speeds around the sharp curve, he’ll balance on a single rail as half his wheels come off the track! Can he accomplish this daring feat without falling?
  • Thomas The Tank Preschool Flipping Friends


    Hold Thomas, flip him upside-down and watch as he transforms into Percy. Flip him again and the No.6 green engine switches back to the No.1 blue engine. Featuring rolling action for push along play, your child will experience twice as much fun with the Flip & Switch Thomas & Percy!
  • Thomas The Tank Take-N-Play Rattling Railsssss Play Set


    It’s opening day of the snake ride at the Sodor Amusement Park, and the real life snake has gone missing! Thomas has the very important job of helping to search for the snake. He starts at the top level of the ride and rides down into the snake head. Push the handle and the giant snake ride begins!
  • Thomas The Tank Take-N-Play Spiral Stack & Track


    Race your favourite engine down a spiral track! Each set features a spiral loop of track for your train engines to careen down. Collect and stack them all for hours of spiral racing fun! Tracks and train engines store inside canister package for on-the-go fun. Each set includes a train engine.
  • Thomas The Tank Take-N-Play Gator's Chase & Chomp Play Set


    An assortment of action-packed Take-N-Play Portable Play Sets! Gator the train engine has to deliver lunch to a hungry crocodile and make sure he doesn’t get chomped himself in the process! Pieces store inside with carry handle for on-the-go fun.
  • Thomas The Tank Pop & Go Thomas


    Shaped just like the No.1 blue engine, this popper lets your child use the handle to push Thomas around as brightly coloured balls create a fun, stimulating experience. or simply remove the handle and your child can play with a large, chunky Thomas train that is perfect for little hands. As children push Thomas towards adventure, they will discover a world of fun, physical play!
  • Thomas The Tank Preschool Double Delivery Track Set


    When children push Thomas around this train set, they will enjoy twice as much adventure with two destinations and two platforms for loading and unloading cargo! They can also raise and lower the crossing gate for a true railway experience.
  • Thomas The Tank Take-N-Play Launchers Assorted


    Each item in the assortment features a die-cast train engine with an exciting launching feature! Each engine comes with it’s own shed façade. Press the handle down and watch him launch! Collect and connect the others in the assortment so you can race! Each sold separately.
  • Thomas The Tank Thomas Mini Engines Assorted


    With over 70 mini engines to collect, these Minis completely re-imagine the Island of Sodor with never-before-seen themes! From ‘Spooky’ monsters and speedy ‘Racers’ to super-themed ‘Heroes’ and prehistoric ‘Dino’ engines, this collection of pint sized come in a single blind bag for you to guess who’s hiding inside!

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