Other Benefits of Toymaster Membership

As one of the largest Retailers of Toys in The British Isles, with Toy purchases of over £50 million annually, Toymaster uses its Member’s considerable buying power to negotiate advantageous trading terms for all its Members. The trading terms negotiated include special off invoice discounts, improved payment terms and many one off special deals. Suppliers we have trading terms with include:

Toymaster arranges two direct import programmes annually, enabling Members to benefit from higher margins than are generally available from domestically sourced products. The direct import (FOB) products are available for Members to see prior to purchase at the Toymaster Spring and Autumn FOB Shows. These take place in Ireland, Harrogate and Swindon twice annually. There is no commitment for Members to purchase from the FOB ranges except to support other Toymaster marketing initiatives, although it is rare for Members not to take full benefit from Toymaster’s FOB range.

If you wish to appeal against your business rate assessment, Toymaster has a no win no fee deal with a specialist rate assessment negotiator, Underwoods Estate Agents and Valuers.

Toymaster employs many qualified personnel at its Northampton central Office. If you need advice on any aspect of your business someone at Northampton will be able to help.

All transactions between Toymaster and its Members are now handled electronically via the Member’s Website, which incorporates Toymaster’s invoicing system (T.I.M.S.) or by e-mail.

This together with central invoicing saves Members hundreds of hour’s annually on processing invoices. The single monthly central payment saves the costs of bank charges on many hundreds of Cheques.

“The Toymaster May Show”, held annually at The Majestic Hotel in Harrogate enables well over 100 Suppliers to exhibit for the benefit of Toymaster Members. As well as the majority of Toymaster Catalogue lines being on show, there are countless special deals available to Members. In the evenings the dinners and entertainment are without doubt some of the best parties in the whole of the Toy Trade. Toymaster’s Annual General Meeting, (AGM) is held on the Wednesday evening of the May Show, before the fun begins.

Toymaster consistently keeps Members up to date with what is happening in the industry. What products are “hot”, what new films and TV programmes are influencing the industry. What new products are available or becoming available, what are the hot new licenses, which Supplier has the new licensed products and much, much more.

Toymaster operates an “Early Payment Discount Scheme”, for Members who are able to lodge money before payment is due. As this is an early payment scheme discount earned is not liable to tax and the discount paid is always greater than the current bank base rate.

Toymaster has a meeting room at the “Toy Fair” in Olympia, a place to meet and to have a tea, coffee or cold drink, to leave your coat and mix with fellow Members and staff.


One of the greatest benefits of belonging to Toymaster is that new Members immediately have a “peer group”. Members will meet with toy retailers similar to themselves at Toymaster functions in a friendly and sociable environment.