Modern slavery is a crime resulting in an abhorrent abuse of human rights. The Modern Slavery Act is intended to address the offences of slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

Toymaster Ltd organisation structure and supply chain

Toymaster Ltd is a buying group for independent toy retailers. Toymaster Ltd has a central office in Northampton in the UK where 18 people are employed, centrally negotiating trading terms, processing invoices, payments and helping in marketing activity which more than 250 independently owned and operated toy shops in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Malta can benefit from.

Members of the group purchase from approximately 200 Suppliers with an annual turnover of circa £46 million. Toymaster Ltd do not have any own label products, toys are purchased direct from UK/EU Suppliers. Toymaster Ltd also import direct from Suppliers from the Far East, a contract warehouse service in Southampton is used for this service.

Toymaster Ltd Suppliers source the products from around the world.

Toymaster support the aims of the Modern Slavery Act and ensure that it does not exist in our supply chain. We have a Modern Slavery policy, and in addition, for UK operations there are related HR policies controlling the employment of staff. We have taken some additional steps towards prevention of modern slavery in our supply chains and have ensured that our UK service providers are free from any modern slavery risks.

Toymaster do not manufacture toys but purchase standard toys from over 200 UK and EU suppliers.

We have strengthened our new supplier due diligence processes to include a requirement for signed assurances around anti-slavery compliance at supplier listing stage. In addition, in 2016 we updated our standard contractual documents and purchase orders to include terms requiring suppliers to implement procedures to ensure that there is no slavery present in their business.

As a member of the British Toy and Hobby Association Toymaster Ltd must ask its Suppliers to use factories that are audited under the IETP Ethical Toy Program process or a similar scheme with the same or better standards.

Toymaster Ltd will remain very dependent on the actions of others to ensure compliance. However, we are confident that our policy of long term relationships with Suppliers and Members will help in this work.

We are continuing to examine areas of our business where we may be vulnerable to the risk of modern slavery and will take further on-going action to strengthen our processes where appropriate.

This statement is made on behalf of Toymaster Ltd pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act and constitutes our Modern Slavery statement