LEGO® Ninjago

  • Ninjago Anacondrai Crusher

    Deep in the island’s jungle, Kai is under attack from the fearsome Anacondrai Crusher, piloted by Anacondrai warrior Krait. Summon Kai’s elemental powers and build a fire wall to block the Anacondrai Crusher’s path. Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons: Kai and Krait.
  • Ninjago Condrai Copter Attack

    Help Skylor to escape on her flying rocket board, swerving away from the Condrai Copter’s flick missiles and evading the huge net shot from the snake’s mouth. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Skylor, Chen and Eyezor.
  • Ninjago Boulder Blaster

    Cole has been imprisoned! Place him in the cockpit of the super Boulder Blaster, grab the retractable handle to take off and bust out of the island caves. Cole will need all his elemental powers to get past Zugu and Sleven who are armed and ready for battle. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Cole, Zugu and Sleven.
  • Ninjago Titanium Dragon

    Break out from captivity with Titanium Zane on the monstrous Titanium Dragon! Open the mouth to bare it’s sharp teeth and adjust the head, wings, legs and tail for a variety of fearsome battle poses. Fend of Chop’rai’s attacks with the Anacondrai Blade. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Titanium Zane, Clouse and Chop’rai.
  • Ninjago Enter The Serpent

    Do you dare to Enter The Serpent? There are traps everywhere, including hidden spring-loaded shooters in the stairs, poison balls dropping from the snake’s mouth and a trap door! Find your way across the suspension bridge to the prison tower and free Jay! Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons: Lloyd, Jay, Chen, Kapau’rai and Zugu.
  • Ninjago Ninja DB X

    Drive the powerful 6-wheel vehicle through the jungle and into battle at the Anacondrai gateway. Detach the Command Center to reveal the hidden dual spring-loaded shooter and open up the control room for easy play. Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Kai, Nya, Garmadon, Pythor, Kapau’rai and Chop’rai.
  • Ninjago Jungle Trap

    Team up with Kai in his unique tournament outfit against evil Anacondrai warrior Krait. Stage a hand-to-hand duel with Kai’s sword and Krait’s skull axe. Avoid the trap step, which triggers 2 slashing swords, and get to the double Jade Blade first to win the bout! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Kai and Krait.
  • Ninjago Lava Falls

    Attack with Cole’s staff and dodge Sleven’s thrusts with his huge stone blade. Defeat Sleven and dash across the bridge before it collapses to claim the Jade Blade! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Cole and Sleven.
  • Ninjago ElectroMech

    Place Jay in the cockpit, fasten the cool sword seatbelt and flip up the golden blades. Beware of Chope’s huge spear and dangerous crossbow ballista. Return fire with the right-hand dual shooter and hold on tight to that precious Jade Blade with the gripping left fist! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Jay and Chope.
  • Ninjago Jungle Raider

    Place Lloyd in the cockpit of the Jungle Raider and begin a mission to claim the precious Jade Blade. The built-in suspension and big rubber tires makes driving over rough jungle terrain a breeze. Includes 2 minifgures with assorted weapons: Lloyd and Kapau’rai.

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