Spring/Summer Catalogue 2016

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  • Play-Doh Single Can


    Kids enjoy being creative with Play-Doh – it is fun to play with and easy to clean up. Comes in a variety of colours. One supplied.

  • Play-Doh Classic Colour Four Pack


    Explore open ended creativity and make some amazing creations with this Play-Doh variety pack! With four different Play-Doh colours to squish and mould, kids can create all sorts of wonderful ‘craft pieces’. Each colourful four pack is packed with Play-Doh potential! One supplied.

  • Play-Doh Confetti Compound Collection


    With this Play-Doh Confetti six pack, every creation is a celebration! Each can contains a different classic Play-Doh colour sprinkled with lots and lots of colourful confetti. It’s a parade of open-ended creativity and to jump start imaginations this set also features two cutters!

  • Play-Doh Town Mini Vehicles


    Choose from a pizza delivery man with his scooter or a policeman with this motorbike. Each set includes a vehicle, character, two cans of Play-Doh and one small can of Play-Doh compound. Colour and style may vary. One supplied.

    Featured in the Spring Summer Catalogue 2016
  • Play-Doh Town Pet Store


    Make all kinds of friends at the Play-Doh Town Pet Store! Help this animal-loving store owner fill the shop with cute and colourful creatures. Get her ready for work by creating fun hairstyles, decorating her outfit and pressing out bunny slippers. Create lots of pet friends by shaping some hamsters with the book-mould, making colourful fish in the fish bowl and more. Don’t forget to make some pretend treats for all of the adorable Play-Doh animals! To keep business hopping along, shape some money using the half-moulds and press out receipts using the cash register.

  • Play-Doh Town Ice Cream Truck


    Whether it’s hot or not, everyone comes running to the coolest truck in the Play-Doh Town! Help this pretend ice cream maker deliver the most colourful Play-Doh ice cream creations anyone can imagine. Press out pretend self-serve from the ice cream cone and squeeze swirly hairstyles for the figure to match! Use the stampers on the ice cream maker’s feet to make a bow tie and some money. Also shape giant Play-Doh popsicles with the book-mould then clip the sticks to the truck or put them in his hand to get them ready for delivery.

  • Play-Doh Town Fire Truck


    Fire rescue missions await! Call up the local Play-Doh Town firefighter and help him roll the rescue faster than you can say “Oh no, there’s a Play-Doh fire!” Pop him into the friendly-looking Fire Truck for some free-wheeling fun with the water cannon pressing tool and stamps. Build an emergency scene by stacking the house-themed cans and stamping Play-Doh fires. Before things get really heated, press out a colourful beard for the firefighter!

  • Play-Doh Town Firehouse


    Hey chief, there’s a fire in Play-Doh Town! Luckily the Firehouse is right nearby and this can-do firefighter is ready to squish out the Play-Doh flames. Create an emergency scene by stacking the Play-Doh cans and putting the roof on top. Use the fire stamper to add colourful flames and squeeze a silly escape pole. The half-moulds shape other rescue essentials like a radio or an alarm bell. Get the firefighter ready by creating a wild hairstyle and putting on his hair. Use the stamps on his feet to make his radio and a pretend treat for his pup. Help him battle the flames with the water cannon extruder, make a hose with fire hydrant or chop the flames out with the axe.

  • Play-Doh Cake Party


    Let’s create and celebrate – it’s Play-Doh Cake Party time! Make the most outrageous pretend cakes imaginable for any occasion. Shape all kinds of cakes in the oven or with the cutters. Use the decorating tool to top it all off with swirly make-believe frosting. For even more festive fun, this creative bakeshop comes with Confetti compound! When they’re ready, the pretend cake masterpieces can sit on display in the cake dome or Play-Doh bakers can present them to friends using the plates and utensils. Creativity never looked so sweet!

  • Play-Doh Playful Pies


    Dish up pleasant Play-Doh pies with this Playful Pies set! With a pie plate, a fruit basket and five pie-themed tools this set lets budding make-believe bakers squish and smush some silly sweets fit for a pretend Play-Doh pie shop. Roll out some squishy Play-Doh pie dough, use the moulds on the underside of the fruit basket to create fantastical fruit fillings and then top off the colourful creation with crazy cream!

  • Play-Doh Crazy Cuts


    You’re the boss at the Crazy Cuts Barbershop and it’s time to make the most colourfully creative hairstyles ever! A family of three character thimbles and six Play-Doh colours make for lots of fun options. Just sit your customer on the chair and then crank the handle to grow out silly hair! Your complete suite of accessory tools let you shape those long locks into all kinds of unique styles. When it is time for a haircut, cut it all off and start all over again!

  • Play-Doh Make N Style Ponies


    Make your own Ponyville world at home! With a rainbow of nine Play-Doh colours, you can create your favourite My Little Pony characters including Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and more! Use the four pony bases and book-moulds to shape your ponies then give them beautiful rainbow manes with the extruder. Make your ponies uniquely you with cutie marks and other accessories.

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