LEGO® Nexo Knights

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  • 70310 LEGO® Nexo Knights Knighton Battle Blaster


    Take aim and fire! Launch the double disc shooter at the hot-tempered Ash Attacker! Reload with ammunition from the storage chest. Wield your sword and mighty axe to defend the realm at all costs! Features a double disc shooter that the Royal Soldier can use to knock down the advancing Ash Attacker. Includes 2 minifigures: a Royal Soldier and an Ash Attacker.

  • 70311 LEGO® Nexo Knights Chaos Catapult


    Open wide! Speed the terrifying Chaos Catapult – packed with a full set of monster teeth – towards the Royal Guard! Fire the crossbow at him from the vehicle, or launch lava rocks from the catapult. Enter the kingdom of Knighton with the fearsome Chaos Catapult! Includes 2 minifigures: Crust Smasher and a Royal Guard.

  • 70312 LEGO® Nexo Knights Lance's Mecha Horse


    Saddle up and charge into battle on the 2-in-1 buildable Mecha Horse! Take on the evil Flame Thrower in Mecha Horse mode or switch to super-fast Turbo Jouster mode. Defeat the enemy with the NEXO lance and missile shooters, or send trust Lancebot into the thick of the action to do all the hard work – so you can steal the glory! Includes a scannable shield for 1 NEXO Power: Tractor Beam. Includes 3 minifigures: Lance Richmond, Lancebot and a Flame Thrower.

  • 70313 LEGO® Nexo Knights Moltor's Lava Smasher


    The race is on! Moltor is rushing towards the Book of Chaos in his Lava Smasher – but so is Aaron Fox on his hovershield! Set the Lava Smasher’s gigantic rock fists pounding to knock the knight off his hoverboard! Pull back the catapults and throw molten rocks but watch out for the NEXO KNIGHT and his Blazer Bow! Includes a scannable shield for 1 NEXO Power: Rolling Fireball. Includes 2 minifigures: Moltor and Aaron Fox.

  • 70314 LEGO® Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot


    Back off Beast Master! Jestro has sent out an evil army to capture spell books of dark magic scattered across the kingdom of Knighton. Macy must zoom ahead to the Book of Deception on the Hover Horse before it falls into the Beast Master’s hands! Watch out for the hungry giant Globlins and avoid falling into their jaws. Includes 2 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Clapper Claw and Magnitize. Includes 2 minifigures: Beast Master and Macy Halbert.

  • 70315 LEGO® Nexo Knights Clay's Rumble Blade


    Let’s get ready to rumble! Deploy the trusty Claybots on their Sword Break Bikes to seek out the evil Ash Attacker and mischievous Scurrier. Launch Clay Moorington into action on his detachable Sword Speeder and shoot missiles at the enemies! Protect the realm and play out epic battles with the futuristic Rumble Blade, featuring 3 detachable vehicles and a core base vehicle with 2 spring-loaded missiles. Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Backlash Lightning, Phoenix Blaze and Slime Blast. Includes 5 minifigures: Clay Moorington, 2 Claybots, Ash Attacker and Scurrier.

  • 70316 LEGO® Nexo Knights Jestro's Evil Mobile


    Lance Richmond has an epic battle on his hands! Zoom in on the Hover Horse and defeat the giant Sparks! Look for Jestro, who’s hiding in his Evil Mobile, but don’t fall into a trap and end up in prison! Steal the Book of Monsters from under Jestro’s nose and stop him from building up his terrible army! Includes 3 scannable shieds for NEXO Powers: Cloning, Mightiness and Sea Dragon. Includes 2 minifigures: Lance Richmond and Jestro.

  • 70317 LEGO® Nexo Knights The Fortrex


    When Knighton is under attack by Jestro, knights roll into action! Send out The Fortrex, the huge 2-in-1 rolling castle! Launch the Knight Cycle and Aero-Striker V1 to engage the Ash Attacker and Scurriers! Fold out the walls to reveal the hi-tech HQ featuring a round table, training area, prison, kitchen and more. Includes 5 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Ground Pound, Super Human Speed, Hawk Holler, Chicken Power and Charging Attack. Includes 7 minifigures: Clay Moorington, Aaron Fox, Axl, Chef Eclair, Ash Attacker and 2 Scurriers.

  • 70330 LEGO® Nexo Knights Ultimate Clay


    Spin the swords on Ultimate Clay’s ultra armour to blow the enemies off their feet! Attach the 4 Lava Dragon wings and scorch them from the air, and if things aren’t going your way protect yourself against the enemy’s deadliest weapons with the force field disc. Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Sword Tornado, Lava Dragon and Force Field. Includes an Ultimate Clay minifigure.

  • 70331 LEGO® Nexo Knights Ultimate Macy


    Swap royal duties for some real action! Ultimate Macy might be a princess but she knows how to fight with the futuristic NEXO Powers. Fire a Mace Rain with the 6-stud shooter, swing the Phoenix axe and tangle the enemy up in Jungle Dragon vines and sling them far! This tomboy princess is ready to fight with a mighty mace, axe and vines to tangle the enemy and throw them in the air. Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Mace Rain, Phoenix Blaze and Jungle Dragon. Includes an Ultimate Macy minifigure.

  • 70332 LEGO® Nexo Knights Ultimate Aaron


    Defeat Ultimate Aaron’s enemies in one stroke with the awesome Target Blaster NEXO Power. Surely the taste of victory will be sweet – and banana flavoured – as you can also attack your enemies with banana bombs! This daredevil knight is more eagle-eyed than ever with this Arrow Strike NEXO Power. This fun play set also features hilarious banana accessory elements so you can watch the enemy slip up. Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Arrow Strike, Banana Bombs and Target Blaster. Includes an Ultimate Aaron minifigure.

  • 70333 LEGO® Nexo Knights Ultimate Robin


    Ultimate Robin is only in his first year at Knight’s Academy but has robotic ultra armour in a class of its own! Change his impressive spring-loaded shooter into robot legs to grow tall. Jolt opponents with the static shock projectiles or be sneaky and throw chicken legs at the enemy! Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Mech Master, Chicken Power and Storm Dragon. Includes an Ultimate Robin minifigure.

  • 70334 LEGO® Nexo Knights Ultimate Beast Master


    Ultimate Beast Master might have an explosive temper but this time he’s got his hands on dynamite! Throw the sticks at the opponents or whizz the manic Globlins around on chains! Cause more carnage by sucking energy from your enemies. Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Globlin Attack, Spirit Vortex and Dynamighty. Includes an Ultimate Beast Master minifigure.

  • 70335 LEGO® Nexo Knights Ultimate Lavaria


    Who’s that scuttling in the shadows? Ultimate Lavaria is hunting her prey with scary spider legs and wings. Pounce on the opponents and shoot a fireball with the crossbow stud shooter and send snakes slithering with their venomous bite! Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Beetle Bomb, Incinerate and Venom Bite. Includes an Ultimate Lavaria minifigure.

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